Complement UK recognises the importance of education and training as a key driver to improve our understanding of complement and related disorders and to inspire a new generation of researchers in this area of growing health importance.

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Student Funding

In 2013, Complement UK and Alexion Pharmaceuticals began an exciting joint venture in which four 4-year PhD studentships were funded.
Previous students include:

  • Alexandra Philips started in October 2013 with Dr Jennifer Pocock (UCL), Professor Simon Lovestone (Oxford University) and Professor John Hardy (UCL);
  • David Tran started in October 2013 with Professor Steve Sacks (KCL), Dr Wuding Zhou (KCL) and Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble (Leicester University)
  • Amy Osborne started in October 2014 with Professor Steve Perkins (ULC) and Professor Tim Goodship (Newcastle University);
  • Matt Stott started in October 2014 with Dr Eamon McGreal (Cardiff University), Dr Carmen van den Berg (Cardiff University) and Dr Peter Monk (Sheffield University).
  • Thomas Hallam started in October 2016 with Dr David Kavanagh (Newcastle University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine), and Professor Andrew Lotery (the University of Southampton).
  • Dimitrios Stampoulis started in October 2016 with Prof. Stephen Moss (University College London’s Institute of Ophthalmology), and Prof. Matthew Pickering (Imperial College’s Centre for Complement & Inflammation Research)

Currently, applications for studentships are not open. Check back regularly for further information regarding Complement UK sponsored studentships.

Industry Sponsors

We have had incredible success with the PhD studentships programme and are keen to welcome industry to express interest in sponsoring a new round of Complement UK studentships.


  • Build capacity in areas of health importance and competitiveness
  • Generate future leaders in the research field
  • Enhance delivery of the research goals through interdisciplinary research and training
  • Foster an environment where basic and translational science are aligned to patient need


  • Four 4-year PhD studentships
  • Subject matter may involve any point of the translational pathway, from target identification to developmental studies in man
  • Projects will have two supervisors (who will likely be at different Centres), one in each of the disciplines brought together by the research
  • If neither of these supervisors is a clinician, then a third clinically recognised supervisor would provide mentorship regarding the clinical context, even for a basic science project

Project and student selection:

  • Project selection and placement is competitive and strategically aligned with Complement UK goals
  • Regulated by External Panel of experts who are independent of Complement UK

Benefits to the sponsor

  • Visible commitment to research and training in complement
  • Medical advance by enabling translational research across a wide base, e.g. Alzheimer’s, HUS, macular degeneration, transplantation
  • Opening up corridors to new collaboration in areas of mutual interest
  • Coordinated access to trial groups across the UK

External Student Funding Opportunities

Information regarding other sources of student funding for those interested in Complement will be posted here. Please check back regularly.

Are you interested in providing sponsorship?

We welcome you to get in touch with us to start a conversation on how you can become an integral part of our successful studentship program.

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