About us

Mission statement

Complement UK is a collaborative UK network seeking to bring together the research and educational aspirations of complement-orientated groups and industry partners throughout the UK.

We aim to accomplish this mission by:

  • Hosting semi-annual meetings and training days to inspire and support research focused on specific
    complement-related areas
  • Increasing the number of clinical and science trainees in the complement field
  • Supporting collaborative grants across multiple Complement UK centres
  • Raising awareness and engaging with the public on the importance of complement in chronic and age-related diseases

Executive Committee

  • Professor Claire Harris, Newcastle University
  • Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble, Cambridge University
  • Professor Jean van den Elsen, University of Bath
  • Dr Wioleta Zelek, Cardiff University
  • Dr Thomas Hallam, Newcastle University
  • Professor Simon Clark, University of Tübingen - Observer
  • Dr Lubka Roumenina, INSERM - Observer 
  • Dr Kate Smith-Jackson, Newcastle University - Clinical Representative
  • Student Representative - To be filled
  • Mrs Anna Taliadoros, King’s College London – Operations Officer

Our history

Inspired by the increasing interest in common complement-related disorders following the 12th European meeting of Complement in Human Disease in Visegrad, Complement UK was founded in 2009. Our first meetings took place in 2010 and have occurred since on a semi-annual basis.

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