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Complement UK is a collaborative UK network seeking to bring together the research and educational aspirations of complement-orientated groups and industry partners throughout the UK.

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Cardiff Complement Biology Group

UK-CiC-funded work on complement activation in Covid-19.

As part of the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium (UK-CIC;, complement labs in Cardiff, Newcastle and Cambridge have come together to explore complement involvement in the disease process. The work builds on a large number of recent studies that suggest that complement dysregulation is an important driver of inflammation in severe Covid-19. Complement activation markers, regulators and components spanning the different pathways will be measured in plasma samples from a very large cohort of highly phenotyped Covid-19 patients. Results will be correlated with stage of disease, course of disease and other inflammatory markers to identify the most informative marker sets that may be used to stratify patients for timely intervention with appropriate complement-targeting drugs.

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Complement UK

Complement UK is a collaborative UK network of clinical, research and technological experts, to improve the understanding of complement and related disorders and more rapidly exploit this knowledge for the welfare of patients.

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