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Complement UK is a collaborative UK network seeking to bring together the research and educational aspirations of complement-orientated groups and industry partners throughout the UK.

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New Co-Chairs of Complement UK Announced! 

Complement UK is excited to announce a change in Leadership with Jean van den Elsen (Bath University), Claire Harris (Newcastle University), and Wilhelm Schwaeble (Cambridge University) assuming the position of Co-Chairs from 1 February 2022.

Taking over from Steven Sacks (King’s College London) and Paul Morgan (Cardiff University), both founders of Complement UK, Jean, Claire, and Wilhelm have expressed their gratitude and thanks for their strong leadership, commitment and for being the driving force behind the success of Complement UK. Steven Sacks has resumed his role as an Advisor to the Executive Committee of Complement UK.

We truly believe the change in leadership showcases our mission to integrate researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners in diverse areas of complement biology, and promote innovation, clinical exploitation, and training.

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Complement UK

Complement UK is a collaborative UK network of clinical, research and technological experts, to improve the understanding of complement and related disorders and more rapidly exploit this knowledge for the welfare of patients.

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