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Membership of Complement UK offers many advantages and opportunities to scientists, clinicians, Pre- and Post-Doctoral researchers and industry interested in complement and related disorders. These include:

a) Participation in annual conferences & training courses

The purpose of these meetings is to provide an overview of the current level of expertise within the UK and foster research collaboration. A specially tailored training programme is devoted to the needs of trainees, who include newcomers to complement. It consists of a series of lectures/tutorials on key areas of basic and applied fields of research.

b) Attendance at closed research and progress meetings

These meetings provide an opportunity, unique in the UK, to share information on ongoing research and unpublished data with the understanding that they are of confidential nature and shall not be used or disclosed without permission of the presenter.

c) To participate in a studentships programme

Complement UK gives the opportunity to participate in a programme of industry-funded, cross-centre PhD studentships. The partnership between scientists, clinicians and industry is to encourage their understanding of complement and related disorders, and to inspire and support research of growing health importance.

d) Research collaboration and networking

Complement UK provides a unique platform and encourages research collaboration and networking between specialists interested in complement system and related disorders.


There is a dedicated RESEARCH FORUM for the presentation and critical discussion of emerging research questions, sharing the information on current research projects and data (also in a confidential manner) and to initiate collaboration.

The Complement UK DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE NETWORK provides a self-help on-line service enabling selection of appropriate tests for particular conditions, and to update them regarding how and where to get these tests done.


1. Applications for membership can only be made online. Applications are reviewed by Complement UK and will be accepted or refused at our discretion. Membership will begin once the application has been accepted.

2. You agree not to disclose any confidential information obtained at the closed research meetings or at the Complement UK website to any third party or use it without the prior written consent of Discloser.

3. Membership is open and free of charge to individuals who have a professional interest in complement system.

4. Membership is available to individuals within Complement UK remit, namely:

• Scientists
• Clinicians
• Industry
• Students & Post Docs
• Other Health Professionals

5. Whilst Complement UK wants the online network to remain a safe and professional environment it is under no obligation to censor or monitor it. Any complaints regarding inappropriate use of the online network will be investigated.

6. You may use the online network only for lawful purposes. Contributions to the online network must not be defamatory of anyone, or be likely to upset or embarrass anyone. When making contributions you must not impersonate others or misrepresent your identity.

7. You are responsible for keeping your online network password confidential and for all of the activities that occur under your password.

8. Both membership and online network accounts can be cancelled at Complement UK’s discretion.

9. If you have any concerns about material which appears on the online network, please contact complementuk1@gmail.com