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Meetings of Complement UK serve two key purposes: to deliver a strong training element; and to foster collaborative research in specified areas. As such, a day of core training for research students will be followed by a day of expert lectures and posters based on an emerging area of research.

NOTE: The contents of these meetings are of a CONFIDENTIAL nature and any information you hear or receive is CONFIDENTIAL and will be treated as such. There will be a form that will need to be signed at the registration desk before the meeting starts.
6th Complement UK Symposium & Training Course

Mon 30th March 2020 8:30am
Tue 31st March 2020 5:00pm

The next Complement UK Symposium & Training course is scheduled for the following dates:

30th - 31st March 2020. It will take place in Cardiff but the exact venue is not yet confirmed - watch this space!!