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About Complement UK
Mission Statement
Complement UK is a collaborative UK network of clinical, research and technological experts, to improve the understanding of complement and related disorders and more rapidly exploit this knowledge for the welfare of patients. read more...

• Embraces areas of clinical and national importance including the potential for developing a National Complement Centre to enhance diagnostic measurements and complement typing useful in clinical practice and research development. The development of National Consortia for specific disease interests will also benefit from alignment;
• Aims to increase the number of clinical and science trainees in the complement field to build and maintain progress in areas of expansion;
• Will demystify complement and engage with the public, to raise awareness of the importance of complement in chronic and age related diseases and need for progress with specific treatments.
b) Specific aims
• To host Annual meetings to inspire and support research consortia focused on specific areas, and to promote training;
• To build critical mass and strengthen collaborative grants from major research organisations;
• To support the development of PhD studentships with charitable and industrial partners
• To establish a Service Network facilitating diagnosis and formation of Consortia with specific disease interest and clinical trials development;
• To develop a UK-based website to link Centres and serve the Complement UK mission
The impetus for starting a national complement organisation came about in 2009, following the 12th European meeting of Complement in Human Disease in Visegrad. read more...
It was inspired by the increasing interest in common complement-related disorders, in particular age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. Both of these had been linked to complement dysfunction through several large GWAS analyses.

The first meetings took place in 2010 (in April and October). This resulted in agreement between many of the key investigators involved in UK complement research to form Complement UK. Subsequently the membership of Complement UK expanded to include 55 Principal Investigators representing 30 UK Research Centres.
The Executive Committee are responsible for the coordinating the overall activities of Complement UK as well as approving tests for the DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE NETWORK. read more...

They are also responsible for the education and training activities including the coordination of the PhD studentship programme to the development of the website.

The Executive Committee are:
1. Professor Steven Sacks, King’s College London - Chairman
2. Professor Claire Harris, Newcastle University – Education and Training Lead
3. Professor Paul Morgan, Cardiff University
4. Dr Simon Clark, University of Manchester
5. Professor David Kavanagh, Newcastle University
6. Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble, University of Cambridge
7. Matthew Stott, Cardiff University - Complement UK student representative